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Fitness & Personal Training

St. Luke's Church | Winterton Park | Sedgefield

  • Box Fit Sessions
  • Fitness Session Floor
  • Cardio Area
  • Free Weight and Gym Equipment
  • Fitness Suite Equipment

Welcome to 'The Church'

We (Eclipse Fitness) have taken over St. Luke's Church, Sedgefield and restored it as a Suite/Studio and would like to invite you to see the changes. With a fully equipped cardio suite and strength (Free Weight) area, accompanied with a studio floor and hanging wall bags we offer up to 92 classes a month and use of the gym which is open the following times:

  • Last entry 1 hour before closing.

If you require any further info then please don't hesitate to contact myself or one of the team.

Gym Leaflet More About Personal Trainers

This venue is totally redesigned and really is something special. We just hope that we can offer something for you or your family and friends. We have a number of memberships available and if you require further information please don't hesitate to contact myself.

Michael, Regional Manager for Eclipse Fitness & Personal Training

What we do?

We help you embark on specific training aimed towards your own fitness goals, or introduce a better health at work scheme within your company.

Who we are?

We deliver Personal training & group classes in County Durham and the surrounding areas. Eclipse Fitness & Personal Training hosts a team of highly qualified instructors who excel in their field of expertise.

How do we do it?

Eclipse Personal Trainers are qualified Level 3 Advanced Personal Trainers, Diet and Nutrtional Advisors and come with a wide range skills including instructors in Kettlebells, TRX, Vipr and all the fitness equipment in the studio.

Fitness Suite

Feature 1

Our new Cardio/Resistance Suite has been updated with Matrix and Technogym equipment accompanied along with Concept 2 rowing machines. With a York power rack and platform and a series of resistance and free weight machines this suite is more than equipped to assist you achieving those fitness/physique goals that you require. The fitness suite also contains a stretching and core area, (TRX – Suspension trainer).


Fitness Classes

Feature 2

We offer up to 92 classes a month ranging from Strength & Conditioning to functional movement exercises (Kettlebells) we have Circuits, Meta-fit, Box-Fit, and a whole host of other workouts that are designed to push you through your fitness levels. Select and build your own training programme.


Personal Training

Feature 3

We offer a variety of Personal Training packages from 12 week transformation packages, to single 30/60 min sessions a week, this is your time to really pin point your training goals and allow a member of the team, to educate, guide you through the process. Think SMART – specific, measurable, achievable, realistic & timely.



"Before I started training with Eclipse my confidence and self esteem was the lowest it had been for quite some time, I had gained a bit of weight and was at my heaviest weight in nearly 5 years. I was very nervous when I started training as I had never had personal training sessions and was used to my usual routine at the gym. Although Michael takes me out of my comfort zone and pushes me to work hard I have never enjoyed my fitness as much as I do now. Going jogging outside is something I would never have done however, I now find myself hating running on a treadmill! I've been training with Eclipse for a few months now and the resuls that I have achieved so far I am very proud of and I know without the support of Michael and his nutrition and exercise advice I would not have done this on my own. He is deinfinitely one in a million and I think everyone should experience Eclipse personal training!"

Dot - Durham

"12 weeks ago i had recently had a baby, and found that this was all the excuse that i needed to make the couch an extention of myself. But know that after training with Eclipse Personal Training i have changed my whole outlook and i am setting a good example towards my son and family. Although i am doing this for my family i have reached some amazing results so far, i have lost 2 stone and 19inches from my body in only 12 weeks, this is not a quick fix and Eclipse has been there to teach me how to control my food intake correctly and also train properly within the right zones so that my body can fuel itself, thank you Eclipse for changing my life and allowing me to be an active man".

Mel - Durham

"I decided to take up personal training with Eclipse PT after attending fitness classes where Michael was the instructor. After attending fitness classes and gyms for a number of years I felt the results had eventually platued and I needed an extra boost to reach my goals. I was initially nervous about taking up personal training as I wasn’t sure what to expect but Michael made me feel at ease. The fitness and nutritional plan are tailored to my individual needs targeting areas where I want to see improvements. Michael is always there to offer extra advice and guidance on nutrition even after the session is complete. In a short space of time I have been amazed with the results and still enjoy each session. I would recommend Eclipse PT to anyone of any fitness level who needs help in reaching goals".

Stacey - Ferryhill